Day: July 10, 2018

Ariana Grande defends Scooter Braun after Justin Bieber’s engagement

[ad_1] Ariana Grande took to Twitter to defend manager Scooter Braun against accusations that he had orchestrated her and Justin Bieber’s fast engagement. Ariana Grande defends Scooter Braun from fans. (Image source: Instagram/Ariana Grande) Jokes about him orchestrating Grande and Bieber’s fast engagements are circulating on Twitter. (Image source: Instagram/Scooter Braun) Grande and Bieber both […]

Shawn Mendes fell down on stage and the memes on Twitter are endless

[ad_1] Shawn Mendes fell down onstage while performing in Quebec last night and people – including the singer – have endless jokes about the incident. Shawn Mendes fell down onstage in Quebec. (Image source: Twitter/Shawn Mendes) His fans cannot stop creating memes about the incident. (Image source: Instagram/Shawn Mendes) While performing in Quebec, Canada, Shawn […]

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