Amy Schumer calls out the user who posted a Photoshopped bikini photo of her on Instagram


Amy Schumer is a powerhouse of optimism, and self-explanatory, according to the most recent remark she left beneath a post using a photograph of her Photoshopped body alterations.

Amy Schumer continues to be an advocate for body-positivity very often, and publicly previously. (Picture source: Instagram/Amy Schumer)

The I Feel Pretty celebrity took to Instagram to react to a photograph of her that was uploaded by a social networking user. The consumer had Photoshopped a bikini photograph of Amy Schumer, which makes her look skinnier than she is.

amy schumer bikini

The consumer posted a before and after picture. (Picture source: Instagram/Amy Schumer)

She uploaded her edited version of Amy’s bikini’s photo together with the first photograph and composed: “I believe Amy looks great already but man does she look far better I am [sic] my OPINION at the next photograph.”

Amy, that has always been a competitor of body-shaming, wrote back: “I disagree. I enjoy how I actually look. That is my physique. I adore my body to be healthy and strong and hot. I seem liked I would give a fantastic kiss or have a drink with you. Another image looks fine but it’s not me. Thank you for sharing your ideas also. See, we are both right.”

Picture source: Instagram

The social networking user was humiliated over her article, where she’d tried to create Amy subscribe to an obsolete standard of attractiveness.

She immediately removed the article from Instagram and issued an apology to the 37-year-old celebrity. The Instagram user apologized to Amy, took down the article, and made a decision to quit using her accounts.

“I am sorry Amy! It was unjust to do this for you,” that the Instagram user composed. “I did not think about it when I posted the pic. I have seen plenty of individuals photoshopping celebrities so that I did not think mine could be a blimp. I spent like 30 minutes making the photograph and that I should have never submitted it! I am glad people called this outpost!” she wrote back.

Picture source: Instagram

Picture source: Instagram

“Really nothing ought to be photoshopped because actual is amazing, I have learned that. Thanks to everybody who called me out in my bulls–! Due to you all a [sic] idiotic individual like me could become a better person,” the consumer said on Instagram.

“I really like my body to be healthy and strong and hot.” (Picture source: Instagram/Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer, nevertheless, didn’t let this slip without initially poking fun whatsoever. She posted the 2 pictures of herself onto her Instagram narrative — a true image of her having fun in the beach, which she captioned as, “Real a** me,” followed by an edited version of her photo, and composed, “Boo.”


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