Kylie Jenner becomes the latest brand ambassador of Adidas, joining the ranks of Kendall Jenner and Kanye West


Kylie Jenner and Adidas

Kylie Jenner and Adidas are working to get a 1997 shoe. Together with her new effort, she’s linking sister Kendall Jenner and brother-in-law Kanye West.

Kylie Jenner and Adidas are working to get a sneaker. (Picture source: Instagram/Kylie Jenner)

The newest declared on Wednesday that Jenner is the surface of the brand new campaign for its Adidas Originals Falcon Dorf sneaker, that will be a multicolored running series created in 1997. It recently returns into fashion and Jenner is currently likely to be bringing it to the attention of her countless followers.

Kylie Jenner and Adidas

She’ll be the face of a 1997 Adidas Original Sneaker. (Picture source: Instagram/Adidas Original)

The newest said in a release,”As a lifelong fan of this new, Kylie embodies the daring spirit of Falcon and we’re very happy to announce her as the face of the campaign” Jenner included,”I have always adored Adidas and it is exciting today being a part of the Originals household, particularly for Falcon.

Kylie Jenner and Adidas

The brand states Jenner embodies the shoe sole. (Picture source: Instagram/Adidas Original)

Alegra O’Hare, VP Global Brand Communications, stated,”we’re considering producing tomorrow’s streetwear by reinventing the very iconic sportswear from our writings. Falcon is motivated from the Falcon Dorf, an iconic design by the’90s: its own daring and unapologetic DNA is in the crux of the Falcon and reflects the optimistic mindset of a new production of feminine creative customers .”

Jenner teased the alliance a week. She wore the black and gray variant of the sneakers at a Snapchat video. A couple of days after, she paired Travis’ tour product with all the Adidas Originals x-ray Alexander Wang shoes. Both pairs of sneakers are sold out.

Kylie Jenner and Adidas

Jenner has been occupying the alliance for some time now. (Picture source: Instagram/Adidas Original)

Other members of Kylie’s household are also a part of their Adidas brand. Her brother-in-law Kanye West is the drive behind Adidas Yeezy Boost, which introduced the Yeezy 750 Boost”Light Brown” at 2015. Kendall also worked together with the brand since the face to get their Arkyn sneaker earlier this year.

The sneakers will be available from September 6.


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