Nev Schuman says the false allegations of sexual misconduct made against him gave him shingles


Nev Schulman recently demonstrated the allegations of sexual misconduct made against him worried him out so much that it gave him shingles.

Nev Schulman

Nev Schulman explained the sexual assault allegations gave him shingles. (Picture source: Instagram/Nev Schulman)

Schulman is the star of this series Catfish. In May, Ayissha Morgan in the fourth season of this series produced a video accusing the’main individual’ of this series of questioning her sexuality. She said that this individual implied that she ought to have sex with him too.

Schulman sat down for a meeting with Josh Peck for the Cadence 13 podcast Curious, through which he brought this up time in his lifetime. He explained,”I had been stressed and I had been out of control and urgently hoping to, anything, put it in to my hands I really got shingles.”

He even got them on his mind, stating that it had been’very uncomfortable’ and he deals with’really bad’ headaches for these.

Nev Schulman

He has headaches from the strain. (Picture source: Instagram/Nev Schulman)

Nev clarified his wife Laura was the person to deliver those claims to his focus, He promptly sent the movie to his manufacturer and asked what they ought to respond with.

He clarified,”Understandably, if somebody is making a claim against a public figure, particularly a girl against a person, folks will notice. I understood it was kind of a ticking bomb.

Nev Schulman

Schulman’s wife advised him about the allegations. (Picture source: Instagram/Nev Schulman)

MTV suspended the series, stating it would explore prior to making any conclusions. Schulman dealt with the situation on the podcast, stating,”I am not a clean man. I have made some errors in the past of that I have been clear about and heard from and apologized when proper but this was especially upsetting because it wasn’t correct.”

He explained:

“I recalled quite clearly this woman along with the episode along with what she was saying were simply not true but [also] so much from my realm of this personality of that I am that anybody who understands mepersonally, who took the opportunity to really hear what she said, could instantly tell you, for example, there is no way. There is no strategy Nev would say these items. It had been exaggerated and foolish. However, you understand, I became one of the unfortunate collection of individuals who is kind of tagged a pervert, or grossor disgusting, or just kind of disrespectful and, just like you say, is kind of supposed guilty.

Nev Schulman

MTV suspended Catfish at the meantime. (Picture source: Instagram/Nev Schulman)

MTV has since declared the show’s filming, having ascertained that the claims weren’t credible.

View Ayissha Morgan’s movie here:


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