Noah Centineo reveals he asked out Lana Condor before they got cast together and she rejected him


Noah Centineo fulfilled Lana Condor and requested her out way ahead of both were cast together into All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, and she chased him!

Noah Centineo

Noah Centineo requested out Lana Condor until they had been cast together.

While talking to E!’s Daily Pop on Thursday, Centineo remembered,”After we met at the dining area before some of us had reserved it, we had been sitting in such as the reception and I watched her and I was like,’Hey do you wish to conduct lines?’ I was like,’Oh, that is cool, nice, I will just perish.’

He added,”I did not even recall asking that. She had really told that story months afterward in the media.

He explained concerning the casting,”Subsequently we simply read together and it had been…[ideal ].

Noah Centineo

They had been throw together sometime following their awkward interaction.

Centineo said that regardless of the optics of this circumstance, he didn’t believe he was asking out. He clarified,”I request people to read traces at the audition room should they seem nervous! It is always easier if you’re working with a stranger until doing it together with all the casting director. It makes it possible to get out the nerves. And when somebody else appears nervous, then it is gonna assist them also. If you’re able to do it with a few random people you’ve just met, it is simple to enter an area and get it done again.

Noah Centineo

Centineo said he doesn’t believe he was requesting Condor out.

Centineo also made certain to include that while he is now single now, he isn’t completely open to relationship lovers, stating,”I do not close any doors completely, but likely not, since then it is like more of an infatuation with like, a situation more than just like, the individual. It can overtake that, which can be hard, I’d believe .”

Noah Centineo

Noah wouldn’t be available to dating a lover of his.


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