Outrage sparks in Pakistan as anti-Islam ‘blasphemous’ cartoon competition gains significance in Netherlands



Protests have broken out around Pakistan as reports of a blasphemous’ animation competition happening in the long run spread globally.

Condition officials of the recently elected authorities in addition to civil society members listed their protests from the anti-Islamic blasphemous content being generated in the Netherlands. The stated content comprises caricatures of Prophet Muhammad. It has to be mentioned that Islam prohibits any drawings of the Prophet.

Protests against Blasphemous cartoons

Pakistan’s leaders are thinking of actions against the blasphemous content. (Picture source: Twitter/PTI Official)

The very first statement issued from the demonstration was from the upper house of the Pakistani parliament which outrightly condemned the competition. Prime Minister Imran Khan captured his condemnation, saying,“They do not know how much that they hurt us when they perform such functions.”

Khan also pledged to take this problem into the UN.

Shortly after on Tuesday, Pakistan’s new Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi whined to his Dutch counterpart within this projected anti-Islam cartoon competition, stating’such acts propagate hatred and intolerance’. Other state authorities and officials in Pakistan also have lodged a diplomatic protest against Wilders’ strategy, calling it an effort to defame Islam.

Protests against Blasphemous cartoons

Source: Twitter/PTI Official

Geert Wilders is an anti-Islam Dutch MP who directs the nation’s second-biggest party referred to as the Party for liberty (PVV) and has been found guilty of inciting hatred, encouraged submissions of cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad, which Islam forbids.

The 10,000 (#7,700) contest is supposed to open in November, together with 200 entries up to now.

blasphemous cartoon

Geert Wilders is an anti-Islam Dutch MP overseeing the contest. (Picture source: Instagram)

Wilders intends to exhibit the animations including the caricatures of Muhammad (PBUH), on the walls of the political party’s area from the parliament. He’s known to have exceptionally hate inciting thoughts and beliefs involving Islam and Muslims especially. He has also made a controversial movie revolving about Islam.

Wilder has set his life at risk after his intolerant and willful activities’ towards disrespecting the sanctity and respect Muslims hold toward their faith — and notably their Prophet.

Protests against Blasphemous cartoons

Wilder has set his life at risk since he offends staunch Muslims across the world. (Picture source: Twitter/MinPres)

Police also have detained a guy that planned to kill Wilder. The 26-year-old man captured a movie on his FB page, obviously stating that he intends to kill Geert Wilder.

Shortly after, he had been detained by the Dutch Police and Wilder additionally tweeted relating to this episode himself. In reaction to this competition and outrage it sparked, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has described the contest as”disrespectful” and”provocative,” though he defended the principle of liberty of expression.

He said, “His (Wilders) goal isn’t to have a discussion about Islam. His intent is to be more provocative.”

Apart from Wilders, Dutch artist Bosch Fawstin has also encounter media focus after uploading caricatures of Prophet Muhammad. Wilders also extended full support to Fawstin and considered his job as free speech’.

Protests against Blasphemous cartoons

Source: Twitter/Geert Wilders

What’s more, the alt-right party in Pakistan, popularly called the Tehreek-e-labaik (TLP), has also come forward to document their demonstration. They’ve begun their protest from Data Darbar, Lahore and are moving towards the capital city, Islamabad.

A whole lot of civilians are expressing outrage from the caricatures and the blasphemous competition, on social networking. Hashtag #WeLoveMuhammad continues to be pioneered by Muslims all around the world — notably Pakistan.

Protests against Blasphemous cartoons

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

The tweets with this hashtag are completely condemning the hate-inciting activities of Dutch politicians and politicians.


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