Owner of a ‘vegetarian’ dog embarrassed on ‘This Morning’ after dog opts for the meat-based option


A puppy owner that promised to get vegetarian’ puppy was ashamed on live tv after her pet chose the meat meal choice obviously.

Lucy Carrington attracted her puppy, Storm, into the collection of This Morning to discuss the vegetarian diet Storm had’obviously’ accepted to. Carrington, who’s not a vegetarian told hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford she turned Storm into a vegetarian diet following the puppy went from meals.

'vegetarian' dog

A dog owner was ashamed by her’vegetarian’ puppy. (Picture source: YouTube/This Morning)

'vegetarian' dog

She stated her dog obviously chosen for vegetarian foods. (Picture source: YouTube/This Morning)

Noticing Storm’s responsiveness to the meat-free diet, she began buying him meat-free puppy food and giving him her leftover vegetables.

'vegetarian' dog

She stated she switched Stormi towards vegetarian food after he appeared dismissive to meat. (Picture source: YouTube/This Morning)

To check the promises, the hosts of this series brought two bowls of dog food, one filled with beef and one filled with veggies such as peas and carrots. Storm went directly to your bowl filled with beef, completely dismissing the veggies. After eating its fill, it turned towards the veggies, but return into the dish.

'vegetarian' dog

Storm didn’t pay any attention to he vegetable dish. (Picture source: YouTube/This Morning)

Viewers of this morning series took to societal websites to express how ridiculous and funny they found that the whole situation.

Storm the’vegetarian’ Dog @thismorning, the canine equivalent of Pam-lar out of Gavin & Stacey, directly to the meat!

— Gareth Davis (@GarethDavis2) August 30, 2018

Ha ha ha ha. Yes, Storm. Point proven. Brilliant. Steak tastes like murder and let us face it, murder tastes pretty damn great #ThisMorning

— Steve Oscar (@StevesOscarBlog) August 30, 2018

@thismorning that bad dog storm is adoring the meat along with the proprietor only feeds him a veggie diet but unjust on the puppy I believe

— diane baker (@dianebaker01) August 30, 2018

#ThisMorning I’m roaring at Storm the”vegetarian” dog eating All of the meat

— jo simcock (@jo_simcock) August 30, 2018

Vet Scott Miller, who was on the series, said it was abnormal for puppies to rely entirely on vegetable diets. They don’t get their fill of amino acids, vitamin D and other nutrients they need and may only gain from animal protein. He explained that dogs can survive with meat, it’s suggested to consult with vets until their diets have been changed around.

'vegetarian' dog

The vet stated that Storm wasn’t intended to be about a vegetarian diet. (Picture source: YouTube/This Morning)

Carrington stated she’d turn back into some meat-based diet if this was what he preferred.


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