Parents of 5-year-old child model, Mia Aflalo Shunem, heavily criticized for exposing their daughter to the world


The parents of all 5-year-old Mia Aflalo Shunem have been criticized for risking their kid’s security by placing out her on social networking.

Aflalo’s Instagram accounts have just 12 pictures on it so much, but she’s racked up over 55,000 followers. The kid, who’s from Tel Aviv, Israel, is gaining notoriety because of her remarkable mane of hair.

She’s worked with British Vogue, and hairstylist Sagi Dahari says she’s quite easy to use and doesn’t complain or argue.

Child Model

Child version Mia Aflalo’s parents ‘ are being criticized for placing out their daughter there. (Picture source: Instagram/Mia Aflalo Shunem)

Considering that Aflalo’s social websites gained notoriety, followers have begun criticizing her parents for placing their kid out for general public exposure.

1 follower commented about an image of Aflalo,”What could you do if arbitrary pedos were getting their rocks off to pics of your kid? You should quit exposing her into the world and begin protecting her. It is not simply the friends that you would like to impress who move on Instagram, there are evil individuals everywhere. You’re endangering her life in addition to her current and potential emotional health.”

Another person wrote,”What a silly over-the-top action to do to your kid. When I had a girl, no way could I allow them to look like this .”

Another one said,”The kid is too young to have the ability to generate an educated option. Her helpless parents are indoctrinating her to believe that aesthetic appearances are the only way a woman or girl can have some value in the present world.”

Child Model

Aflalo has over 55,000 followers. (Picture source: Instagram/Mia Aflalo Shunem)

Mia is going viral for her luscious hair. (Picture source: Instagram/Mia Aflalo Shunem)

How do you harness your child ma’am?” Another man requested.

Another follower composed,”It is really sad that they’re concealing her childhood from her”

People don’t enjoy such a young kid version has been dressed up as a grownup. (Picture source: Instagram/Mia Aflalo Shunem)

Another wrote a long note for Aflalo’s parents, stating,”12 photographs and 42k followers. Of a young kid in her ballerina outfit and also makeup and enormous hair extensions and other garments aimed to make her appear older. Her eyes are lifeless in a number of those images. Why? Since she’s a young kid and needs to be permitted to be a young kid without being tapped online by her parents to get 42k followers and who knows how many tens of thousands of people out there serving to just a tiny woman. This is a sort of misuse.”

“Fundamentally she can simply get attention from her mother or dad or whoever is doing this to her by sitting enough to be objectified and dressed like a dead doll (instead of the living, breathing, the kid she’s )… Can you state that the parent is shielding her if the s*x commerce and human trafficking and human enslavement are at all-time highs in the background of human beings,” ” the remark lasted.

Child Model

Followers are worried about Aflalo’s security. (Picture source: Instagram/Mia Aflalo Shunem)

Aflalo’s parents still haven’t commented on their own critics.


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