Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown reveals he attempted to ‘take his own life’ 12 years ago, when he was in a dark place


Karamo Brown, that seems on Queer Eye as the specialist in civilization, lately opened about a dark period in his life, also disclosed that just 12 decades back, he tried to take his own life.

Brown, who had been born in Texas and raised in Florida, opened about the idea of emotional health, along with the several struggles it involves, as he discovered himself to be at every dark spot’.

Karamo Brown is a specialist on civilization on Netflix’s Queer Eye. (Picture source: Instagram/Karamo Brown)

The lifestyle coach together with the additional Fab 5 on Netflix’s Queer Eye chose to Instagram to discuss a movie along with his followers, where he opened up on his effort to commit suicide in 2006.

“Hey buddies, so I chose to do a quick little movie about the fact that I shared that now in 2006, I’d try to commit suicide,” he said. “You know, I had been in quite a dark location. I felt like life couldn’t get any better. Everything that has been occurring to me was not going to change and that I attempted to take my life”

The 37-year-old lasted, “And when it was not for my very best friends Raymond and Tre calling the ambulance and getting me off the sofa, I likely wouldn’t be here now.”

Karamo Brown continues to be an advocate for mental health, also continues to be a forerunner to make consciousness of it on his display Queer Eye. He says that he gives this its due attention since it’s of immense value to him.

“I understand so a lot people suffer with mental health difficulties and we simply don’t understand where to turn and each day appears darker and darker, so” he clarified. “However, I would like you to understand that things do get better. Should you receive help and you also do the job every day, your life could alter. I am living proof of this and if you know a person in your life that is going through it, then reach out to them. You might be there assistance,” he stated.

Karamo’s co-hosts and intimate friends on the series take on the obligation to change the lives of men, in and about Atlanta, collectively. The Fab 5 alter the outlook of these people, who look on their display, on their physical appearance, diet, lifestyle, and character.

The Fab 5 on Netflix’s Queer Eye change the lives of those people who appear in their display by changing their view in life, style, food, and much more. (Picture source: Instagram/Karamo Brown)

Karamo’s narrative has got him a great deal of hot support from fans and friends alike, who bombarded his Instagram article with heartwarming fantasies. Amongst the a lot of men and women who reacted to Karamo’s narrative, his co-host, Jonathan Van Ness couldn’t resist extending support yo his buddy openly.

“Vulnerability reveals this strength & helps remove the stigma about mental illness. Thank you bae,” he composed in the remarks section. “If anybody needs someone to speak to @TrevorProject is obviously there.”

Karamo extended the invitation for his own followers to reach out as a last note that he shared on his Instagram.

He composed, “There’s a much better day round the corner with assistance. Enormous thank you to @rayauxais & @treatomic I love you more thank you are ever going to understand. Should you need assistance call 1-866-488-7386 @trevorproject.”


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