Rihanna’s thin-penciled eyebrows on Vogue’s latest cover cause quite a stir

In her recent shoot for the Vogue Uk, Rihanna was sporting extremely thin-penciled eyebrows. The cover page that was very bright and blossoming and had a flower frame still did not catch our attention as much as RiRi’s thin eyebrows. 

Image Source: Instagram/@creativedisc

As soon as Vogue issued their volume featuring Rihanna, it caused a worldwide stir on the social media. And makeup artists, critics, influencer’s and generally the masses had a lot to say!

However, people bantered their way through the respective critiques:

Image Source: Twitter/@mekosoff

Boy brows, lush eyebrows, and bush eyebrows have been in fashion lately although thin-penciled eyebrows indeed have been sported by a few fashion icons or yesteryear actors quite a couple of times.

Cara Delevingne sporting boy brows. (Image source: Instagram/@wildflowerbeautyandbrows)

Including Josephine Baker and Greta Garbo had them early in the 20th century. Chic! But Gwen Stefani sporting thin-penciled eyebrows back in the ’90s was our personal favorite!

Gwen Stefani sporting thin-penciled eyebrows back in 2003. (Image source: Instagram/@gwensnews

Rihanna however stunned us by sporting such eyebrows in 2018 especially in the middle of such a radically different trend. RiRi is always known for her bold and beautiful steps she takes in breaking stereotypes, making the fashion and makeup world more and more inclusive and diverse for women of color through her Fenty cosmetic company.

Image Source: Instagram/@fentybeauty

But some fashion critics have long since predicted the return of thin eyebrows especially after the tiny glasses trend that have been going on for quite a while. And since boy brows wont seem to go that well, many predicted that thin eye brows will be the inevitable resort!

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