The king of Instagram, Dan Bilzerian, has a warrant out for his arrest in Azerbaijan


An arrest warrant against Dan Bilzerian was issued in Azerbaijan.

The Investigative Department of the Prosecutor’s General Office has attracted a criminal case from the societal networking star, Dan Bilzerian this past week. The 37-year-old’playboy’ supposedly visited Nagorno Karabakh, a region that’s the field of conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Dan Bilzerian is accused of shooting at the shooting range from Nagorno Karabakh (Picture source: Instagram/Dan Bilzerian)

The safety officials of Azerbaijan asserts that Bilzerian illegally acquired firearms and grenades, and opened fire in the shooting selection. On the other hand, the specific charges from the arrest warrant aren’t yet very clear. The incident happened when Bilzerian was on a visit to neighboring state, Armenia.

He’s initially of Armenian descent (Picture source: Instagram/Dan Bilzerian)

The 37-year-old social networking superstar, that is of Armenian descent, seen capital of Yerevan with his brother on Monday. They took part in a naturalization ceremony in which they became the citizens of Armenia. In accordance with this law of the nation, he also enrolled for the military support.

Dan Bilzerian is popularly known for his lavish lifestyle (Picture origin: Instagram/Dan Bilzerian)

Dan Bilzerian saw Nagorno Karabakh using a group of individuals following the service. But he had been the only one that has been charged with off Azerbaijan advised Armenian Public Radio, “Interpol will hunt for the criminal”

In accordance with Dan Bilzerian, the arrest warrant is not honest and can be politically motivated.

Bilzerian promises to fight the charges against him (Picture Source: Instagram/Dan Bilzerian)

While speaking to Folks, he explained: “They just issued the warrant for my arrest, and no one else about the trip, I think that it’s because I’m a public figure and they would like to attempt and make an example out of me”

Armenian authorities are giving him complete support (Picture source: Instagram/Dan Bilzerian)

It looks like the nation of Armenia is providing full support to Dan Bilzerian. The Consulate General of Armenia contacted Interpol and proposed them to discount the arrest warrant against Bilzerian since it’s political.

The king of Instagram, Dan Bilzerian, has confirmed he will fight the charges against him and prove them erroneous. He’s also stated that he does not have any interest in going to Azerbaijan.


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