Wardrobe malfunctions that you never want to make to your work place


Statistically speaking, in today’s time we’re more likely to dress casually for work than ever before!
With tons of hard-to-classify outfit options, how can one keep it classy and polished everyday?

Agh…if only it were that easy!

Classic casual, Smart casual… dress codes in some offices are so confusing!
Although, even though we hate to admit it, in every highly competitive environment, the way a person dresses to work does determine their behavior towards the job.


So Diva’s, if you don’t want to kill your credibility in the office, here are all the work-outfit DON’Ts you need to know, in order to keep looking classy and professional everyday!

1. Fishnets


Fishnets are definite a no-go. If you want to wear clothing that is well fitted for the legs, then try using tights. Solid toned tights and non-sheer stockings are more appropriate since they add a professional touch to your outfit.
If you decide to wear a skirt or a dress, they pair well with both! Depending on the job, opaque tights are acceptable as well. Fishnets on the other hand, are super sexy for a night out with the girls but for work, a little too showy.

2. Extremely high heels


Trust me, you really don’t want to wear billion-inch stilettos to work. Or even heels that clank! You will never be able to walk without being on wobble-watch.

They will also make you look less confident, which is probably not the image you want in front of your boss. Try sticking to flats or go for some classy blocked-heel sandals. If you want to go for pencil heels, make sure they are not too high. You don’t wan’t to slip and fall! Talk about embarrassing.

3. Distracting Jewelry


Try taking a simple approach when it comes to jewelry and accessories. Big and heavily studded jewelry can be distracting to both colleagues and clients. If your workplace is more casual, then you can try a chic watch or a classy single chain necklace.
Also, Jingly jewelry like clinking necklaces and bracelets can make you look immature and awkward. Imagine your office mates being able to hear you coming from miles away. This won’t go well with the professional style either.

4. Low necks


Low necks are fashionable, but most likely not appropriate for your office. They say that the more skin you show, the less influence you have.
Some environments might allow low necks or bare shoulders, especially if you work at a fashion industry. However, wearing anything too skimpy or revealing is not appropriate for a professional work environment.
Always bear in mind that too much skin can give off the wrong impression.
Wanna impress or attract a co worker you have a crush on, go for a sexy tight, form-fitting pencil skirt.

5. Animal prints


Although animal prints never go out of style, at certain work places, they may be considered too flashy.

You need just the right amount of animal print if you really feel like making a statement at work. Dressing head to toe in leopard will never entirely lose its naughtiness. An animal skin coat will always elevate your look, but remember to not over-do it with matching accessories, a handbag and shoes of the same skin coat. Common now. That’s too much! If you really love the animal prints, a flowing silk skirts that falls just below the knee, or a classy leather jacket will look formal and chic!

6. Clothing you slept in


Let’s be honest. Even a casual office enviroment will ever accept somebody showing up to work looking as though they just rolled out of bed. Sloppy dressing is a major no-go. Even if it’s a jeans and t-shirt environment, You don’t want to come off as a college kid who’s sick of getting up to take classes. Always dress with class, in a clean, crisp and ironed shirt.

There are lots of ways that you can save time in the morning! Never compromise on your clothes! Even a casual dress attire can still be appealing if done correctly.

7. Flip flops


Open-toed shoes are super cute…. for the beach.
I know you want to go for comfortable footwear, especially when you have long working hours.

Although, we can’t deny that flip flops are limited only for external usage and outside environments. No matter how convenient they may be, crocs or any other beach footwear is extremely unprofessional to wear to an office.

If you can’t live without open-toe shoes, go for the professional versions of your favorite casual wear, if available.


Updated: July 17, 2018 — 4:18 pm

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